Poetry is of the soul, a journey taking us to the very depths of who we are as a human. It is the observation of the human condition and all that we aspire to be.

Poetry gives us hope in a chaotic world, that there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

The passion of poetry is in all of hearts. No matter if we are lovers or friends or just silhouettes in the night, poetry is ours from sunrise to sunset and all the time in between.
Poetry is the beat of the hearts of lovers everywhere. It is the language of humanity throughout the ages of mankind.
Poetry will being us closer to our human souls in the new age of mankind, no matter how near or far we are from one another.

Latest Posts

“Embrace In The Dark”

Just real, just humanis what we are,a warm embrace, an intimate kiss. Romeo and Julietwe are not,just two humans surviving the cold. A kiss of sincere truthloving in the dark,until the early morning hours. Just two people believingin each other,as the entire world burns around us. Our love protects usfrom the pain,of broken dreams andContinue reading ““Embrace In The Dark””

“Facing Cross Roads”

Inspired by Lara Valquez You journey to the right,you journey to the left. Facing cross roads,you blame yourself for the theftof youthful days gone by,of what used to be nostalgic. There’s a fork in the road,there’s a path to take. Facing cross roads,feeding a natural human ache.,a true hunger to be fedby a final byContinue reading ““Facing Cross Roads””

“Forever and Ever”

Inspired by Anabel Kluny’s title for my second poetry book— “Forever and Ever” Of fairytale nightsafter days of sunny romance, beyond belief moonlightas we entwined in a passionate dance, on these faithful daysof red wine and crimson red roses. Inseparable as night from stars,as the torrid sun from it’s scorching heat. We are embraceable,as theContinue reading ““Forever and Ever””

“Innocence Lost”

Inspired by Annette Palladino. Do you feel the burn,the burn to learn about the world. From when you are born,until the day of your inevitable death, you are living a thing called life. This event is about the journey,not about your life’s final destination. It consists of failures,accomplishments and all in between, in this wondrousContinue reading ““Innocence Lost””


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