“What Could Be. . . ?

I see not what is in front of me
for the greed is a barrier by man's hand
I guess they never heard of compassion

Majestic trees no longer block my view,
the remaining   left standing,
are mere ghosts of former majesty,

after wildfires burned most down
with our ignorance and greed,
time to plant one for posterity.

We did not hear them fall
for they floated like ash to the ground
in the mist of magical grandeur.

Where are the homes of the animals,
in our backyards, strewn with memories
of what it used too be like to be young,

running under starry skies of yesterday
when the trees touched the sky.
Now they are ash upon mother earth,

or what is left of it now as we chip away,
as we bury it in toxic waste of greed,
and push the fish out of the five oceans,

onto the beaches of pearl white sand,
turning black by shadowed dreams
under the once brilliant noonday sun.

As we create a future apathetic society
within our bothered human existence
do we ask ourselves when and why. . . .

Why. . . why not just fix this broken one?

Timothy Michael DiVito c2020
“The beaches of forever”

Published by poetryofemotions5778

I have been writing poetry for 44 years. I began writing poetry when I was 15 years old and to this date I have written over 16,000 poems. I have had poems published in The San Fernando Journal, The Rag Mag, WYRD, The Cultural Reverence(e-magazine) and in Kiiroo(e-magazine), Mobius and the World Peace Anthology. I have over 1000 poems published in all. I also have a poetry page on Wix.com entitled anemotionaljourney.com. I also have written a Science Fiction/Fantasy novel entitled "The Blue Sphere" and I am currently working on three other books at the present time. The first is entitled "The Angel and the Witches, the second is "Once Upon A Halloween" and the third is "The Devil's Playground".

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