“We Are Human”

As we face insurmountable odds
in our world full of adversity,
all colors of our human rainbow
must make a last stand with diversity.

The true freedom of who we are
lies within our faith in human love,
to compassionately band together
when push comes to violent shove.

Not overcoming the boundaries
of pessimism, bigotry and hate draw
in the forever changing sands of time,
will be a brilliant mankind's last straw.

Rising out of the ashes of injustice
like a Phoenix in our very human souls,
to rebuild dignity that was once lost,
an apathetic society must take control.

It's humanity's time to truly shine
like the vibrant stars in a hopeful sky,
not not to dim but to burst forth,
not in violence, but in a peaceful sigh.

As we connect in a truehearted spirit
forging to right the prejudicial wrongs,
we sing one song in unwavering unison,
we are one, we are human, we are strong.

Timothy Michael DiVito c2021
“We are all created equal”

Published by poetryofemotions5778

I have been writing poetry for 44 years. I began writing poetry when I was 15 years old and to this date I have written over 16,000 poems. I have had poems published in The San Fernando Journal, The Rag Mag, WYRD, The Cultural Reverence(e-magazine) and in Kiiroo(e-magazine), Mobius and the World Peace Anthology. I have over 1000 poems published in all. I also have a poetry page on Wix.com entitled anemotionaljourney.com. I also have written a Science Fiction/Fantasy novel entitled "The Blue Sphere" and I am currently working on three other books at the present time. The first is entitled "The Angel and the Witches, the second is "Once Upon A Halloween" and the third is "The Devil's Playground".

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