“Journey Along The Soul River”

I traveled to the crystal blue streamto find my soul,there she stood in the brilliant moonlight, staring at the rippling waves upon the water,her eyes mesmerizingas the azure persuasion upon the clear indigo. I said hello to a romantic dreamas sure as I ambreathing on this day of our heart’s discovery She smiled as angelicContinue reading ““Journey Along The Soul River””

“A New Shining Sun”

Gray days are these bringing men to their knees,while all along the watchtower dreams die.Mankind must stand tall, this must be a need,as the eagles must surely skyward fly. Freedom to choose our path grows us strong,on our diverse journey through time and space.In this compassionate world we belong,remembering never to fall from grace. YetContinue reading ““A New Shining Sun””

“Oasis Of The Sun”

You are the heart of me,flowing into my reality,kissing my parched souluntil I bathe in your oasis,upon the crystal blue persuasion of heaven. Taste of my spiritas I delve into your passion,soaring celestial spacesupon a noonday of broken dreams,this is where I belong. . . in your embrace. Entwining upon a Summer’s day,exposed naked toContinue reading ““Oasis Of The Sun””

“Intimacy’s Soul”

A caress of the face,a stroke your hair,tenderness of the soul,magic of the human heart. Not just entwiningof legs for heat’s sake,but to connect so compassionatelyupon a bed of black satin nights. Not just the act of love,but the bond createdin the dark of midnight,bleeding into the sun of noon. All I ever wantedwas toContinue reading ““Intimacy’s Soul””

“The Voice Of Solitarious”

Tears of bloodrun down my soulful cheeks,as such rivers of red. At the lossof human dignity,drown by ignorance. Such egregious errorsstain our souls forever,at the loss of one. Love but a kissupon the lips of mankind,soothes the savage beast. Yet love is taintedby the crimson streams so genuine,embrace the colors. The colors of man,let theirContinue reading ““The Voice Of Solitarious””

“Love Upon A Spanish Night”

Do you see itDo you hear itDo you smell itDo you taste it La libertad del amorSobre las alas de la Noche Visions of romanceSounds of lovers in loveThe aroma of roses in SpringtimeHoney lips of red wine Pasion tan intensaEstar enamorado esta en el alma A caress of the skinHearing love’s tendernessThe sound soContinue reading ““Love Upon A Spanish Night””