“Beginning With A Fall”

It’s a long fall in lovedown from the brilliant stars, just below the Western sunset. Your eyes are the shine in my soulleading me to this romantic moment, finally, a happily ever after ending. Bridges to shattered dreamsare still smoking, lingering but not forgotten, now is love’s passionate journey so genuine. A dreamscape is withinContinue reading ““Beginning With A Fall””

“Embrace In The Dark”

Just real, just humanis what we are,a warm embrace, an intimate kiss. Romeo and Julietwe are not,just two humans surviving the cold. A kiss of sincere truthloving in the dark,until the early morning hours. Just two people believingin each other,as the entire world burns around us. Our love protects usfrom the pain,of broken dreams andContinue reading ““Embrace In The Dark””

“Forever and Ever”

Inspired by Anabel Kluny’s title for my second poetry book— “Forever and Ever” Of fairytale nightsafter days of sunny romance, beyond belief moonlightas we entwined in a passionate dance, on these faithful daysof red wine and crimson red roses. Inseparable as night from stars,as the torrid sun from it’s scorching heat. We are embraceable,as theContinue reading ““Forever and Ever””

“True To Our Love”

Is this night of death,or sincerely the beginning of something joyousupon an earth running out of time. Love from your heart freelyupon the romantic night of desirous dreams,let not the shadow engulf your soul. Celestial as the night’s stars arehumanity is needed to soar in pure brilliance,this is how we will survive the pain. GloryContinue reading ““True To Our Love””

“Intimate Moments”

A collaboration between Christina Bella Rose and Timothy Michael DiVito In the same spaceholding each other until darkness falls,words unspokenremembering hearts broken,backed against the wall,we’ll always have each other in this world. The look on your face,the love we share of our romancenot just making love,but a single kiss of tenderness,a single touch of theContinue reading ““Intimate Moments””