“Deep In The River”

Guide me through the murky waters of life’s raging river, of love’s soul. Love me with your heart of romance, extinguish not the fiery ecstasy. As we hold to our identity in the world we share of all passion’s intimacy. as life’s trials and tribulations consume, for you are my angel of white water persuasion.Continue reading ““Deep In The River””

“The Broken Ones”

A battered rag doll sitting alone in the dusty corner, memories of love from a child. A splintered wooden trainset, off the circular track in a little boy’s fanciful heart. Unrequited teenage love, angst sincere amid confused fractured souls. These things sincerely broken, some mended by time, others shattered beyond repair. We are the loversContinue reading ““The Broken Ones””

“To Be Posted:”

Eviction notice posted: Make way for the refuse of man. It takes precedence over nature’s natural inhabitants and their meaningless welfare. Man needs space to abandon all that is worthless. These lands are currently needed for discarded refrigerators and chemicals dumped due to greed’s materialistic gain. The trees shall be slaughtered, the landscape evacuated forContinue reading ““To Be Posted:””